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About Winning Streak

My wife Cindy and I arrived in Birmingham spring of 1984. Like most families that move to the "big city" we were following a career and a dream: Cindy's career with BellSouth and our dream. We were so excited to live in a city and neighborhood off of the 119/280 corridor of North Shelby County that allowed us to raise our children with limitless opportunities and the atmosphere of a small town environment at the same time.

After moving in and getting to know our neighbors and their children we knew that God had blessed us with new friends and family that would last a lifetime. It didn't take long to realize the strong Soccer influence in our neighborhood and community. So we followed the registration signs you see posted on the side of the road and at every major intersection. Thus, we had the beginning of the love of a sport that brings children, adults and a community together to promote growth, teamwork and life changing events.

We traveled with our soccer family and friends and learned what soccer was all about on and off the field while building character, discipline, humility and fond memories that carry with you throughout life. We were hooked. From the U-6 program and Team Mom to the Competitive Program and Team Administrator, to ODP, the Board of Directors of our local Soccer Club and then on to high school and State Championships, it becomes a way of life.

In the spring of 1990, after many months of prayer, planning and research we began to realize we could possibly meet a need in our community and possibly fulfill a lifelong desire at the same time. We opened A Winning Streak first as an awards shop and then grew into a full service Soccer Store one year later.

18 years later we have raised a daughter and a son both growing up playing soccer on fields of dirt and rock to the 96 fields of Herdmont Park and Soccer Blast.  We are blessed with customers from all over the state of Alabama and the entire Southeast enabling us to expand our store and now open our own website.

We can say that we are truly blessed and the Birmingham community has been kind to us.  Please stop by and visit us at A Winning Streak Soccer Shop when you are in the area or email us with any questions or requests you might have and let us know how we can help you.

Steve and Cindy Woolsey


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